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"I came in for teeth whitening prior to my wedding and got an understanding of all the post-treatment to-dos (which is very important to follow). Besides my teeth looking pearl white, I left knowing I will be back soon. Thank you Sunset Dental Studio for the 5-star treatment." - Jennifer M.

"Finding a good dentist is hard to come by in general. Dr. Victor did my veneers and other dental work and has far exceeded my expectations. His office is state of the art, massage chair while watching Netflix. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and give you the results you want. My smile is finally the way I like it!" - Jessica V.

"I HIGHLY recommend this place. My overall experience was amazing from the moment I called to make an appointment. The office manager Maria was honestly my deciding factor to try this place out. She was super friendly on the phone and made me feel comfortable. I've been in the market for a new dentist for a while now and wasn't sure sure what to expect but took a chance and was pleasantly surprised. The place is super clean, the staff is super friendly. I love how you have your own room. They have the latest and greatest technology AND the cherry on top they have a TV right above you so you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix. Dr. Victor is an incredible guy you can tell he loves what he does and his team of hygienists were just as amazing. He took to the time to go through and explain where my discomfort was coming from. Unlike other dentists he didn't try to cram all these unnecessary upgrades and had my best interest in mind. He explained every step of the way. For once i never felt any type of anxiety going to the dentist. I will definitely be back!!!!!!! Wish i would've gone here years ago!!!!!Go in for a consult! your teeth will be glad you did!!!!!" - Vasilios V.

"Never thought a visit to the dentist could be such a pleasant experience. Everyone from the front desk, dental assistant and Dr. Khatchaturian were beyond wonderful and took the time to explain everything in detail. Thank you so much!" - Scott B.

"Dr. Victor and his team are amazing. Totally pain-free experience. professional, caring staff. I'm looking forward to my next cleaning! I called in this morning with some tooth pain, and Maria got me right in. They performed x-rays and an exam and I was out within about 15 minutes." - Iz P.

"I came into Sunset Dental and it was clean, smelled good and the way it was designed was very nice. It was my first time there and the staff made me feel right at home. I had a teeth cleaning and whitening and they really did a great job. All of the staff was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. The doctor was gentle with my mouth given I have a few soft spots in my gums that hurt when cleaned. My teeth look nice and white now and I'm definitely coming back. I would recommend sunset dental to anyone! ***** 5 stars" - David M.

"This is the only dentist office that has ever made me feel relaxed. My very first experience at this office was like a dream. It was unreal how I was treated like royalty. I remember thinking this was too good to be true. Everyone was smiling and genuine. Dr. K was sincere, knowledgable, and listened with concern. The process was smooth and pain-free. My insurance was accepted (although now they aren't contracted with any insurance company at all.) Highly recommend. Maria is personable and conversational and an all-around lovely person. Every patient-facing receptionist or Office Manager should take note of how Maria conducts herself. She doesn't forget your name or any personal details. She's efficient and professional and friendly." - Author

"This is the most incredible dentist I've ever been to. The staff is amazing, and the dentist himself is absolutely phenomenal. I definitely recommend!" - Claire L.

"I just had Dr. Victor convert a broken metal filling to a porcelain filling all in the same visit! The whole process was so space aged I was wondering if had I traveled to the future. He made a virtual rendering of my bite, removed the metal, and "printed" a porcelain filling right then and there with his high tech gadgetry. Then after he placed the new filling he was able to restore my bite perfectly. He even used a reversing agent for the numbing so my lips and face weren't numb for several hours, and in fact I felt back to normal before I left! Overall the process was incredibly smooth, painless, and really how dentistry should be done. I can't thank you guys enough!" - Tigran G.

"I visited Sunset Dental Studio recently after reading their reviews and wanted to add mine to help others. This office is by far the best experience I have ever had at a dental office (doesn't even feel like you're at the dentist) from the moment you walk in and Maria the office manager greets you at the front desk to the Xrays and cleaning. Maria is super sweet and knows how to make sure you're taken care of. Dr Victor is beyond amazing. He is so honest, chair side manners are the best and his work is not only painless but top of the line technology you know you're getting top of the line work. Never been to a dentist that works under a microscope!!! Thank you to the entire team for such an amazing experience looking forward to 6 month." - Aud-Scar M.

"I have been looking for a dental office close to work and home. I found Sunset Dental Studio from a few referrals and I have to say the best experience ever. From the phone call handled by the office manager Maria to the first impression when received by Maria at the front desk. The office has the latest technology all the way to massage chairs and Netflix! Rebecca the hygienist completed a thorough cleaning and was painless. Dr Victor is hands down an amazing dentist and person. He is truly dedicated to providing what's best for you and not what is dictated by the insurance nor pu selling you. Top of the line service. 5 stars all the way! A must see office!!!!!!!!" - Ryan C.

"Dr. K and his staff have been taking care of me for many years. Their professionalism and attention to detail make the dental experience as good as it can get. Their hygienist Rebecca always does a great job and I can't remember ever feeling any discomfort. FIVE STARS." - Rob W.

"Dr. K is the best in town! And his staff is the nicest!! I starting going for problems I was experience with my veneers. Dr. K was always so professional and courteous. I ended up getting new veneers there and haven't had any problems since. Sunset Dental is honestly the best!!" - Daniel M.

"Hands down the most skilled, trained and honest/down to earth dentist in Los Angeles. I have a long dental history and have had some good and bad experiences over the years. I can honestly say I have never met a dentist like Dr. K who actually, truly cares and takes the time to make patients feel comfortable, answer question after question without making you feel rushed. He is also extremely knowledgeable about all things dentistry and beyond, including holistic options relating to your overall long-term health and how it relates to your teeth, gums, bite and breathing. I also have to say that he is out of network for me, but when I shopped my in-network options, not only were they sub-par but their prices were higher - with insurance! And the quality of their materials is the best. The front desk is also very friendly and helpful which is nice too! If I could give this studio 6 stars I would." - Michelle R.

"Going to the dentist is not something people look forward to. Dr V is kind, spends time with his patients and explains in detail any treatments that need to be done. He never pressures you to do anything and gives options, if they are available. I had to have one of his porcelain crowns - it was simple, painless and looks great. It is so convenient to have them 3D sculpted in the office in one visit! His staff are great, and with a massage chair, weighted blanket and Netflix, you feel relaxed through the whole procedure." - Annie H.

"I had three fillings done today and I have to say, this is the best dental office I've ever been to. They are gentle and quick, the office is high tech, clean and the staff is experienced and friendly. I had a really bad experience several years ago somewhere else and have had anxiety about getting this type of work done for a very long time. It took a lot for me to make the commitment to see a dentist again and when I did it was actually at another office down the street, my partner and I went in together and both of us weren't feeling the vibe. It felt like they were selling us deep cleanings and a bunch of work we didn't need. Then we got a referral to sunset dental and I could not be happier. Dr Victor is knowledgeable and his approach is comprehensive. We discussed not only the health of my teeth and the options available but also my jaw, airway, breathing and sleeping patterns. He took his time and I didn't feel like anyone was trying to sell me anything. I felt truly cared for and that is priceless." - Ramon S.

"Dr. K and his staff - Maria and Rebecca have made this transition from my old dentist so flawless, that I am actually kicking myself for not having found them all sooner. Hands down - best hygienist and dentist I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Rebecca cleans your teeth with remarkable detail and care, without any pain or discomfort at all. The staff is always happy to see you, happy to fit you in when there is an emergency, and always on time. I am actually looking forward to my cleaning days with Rebecca - that is how amazing this office really is. I whole-heartedly recommend this office." - Naz E.

"Don't even think about it, just call. To say i'm a baby when it comes to dentistry is the understatement of the century . Dr Victor is everything you need and more in a dentist. he's patient, he doesn't push things on you, saves your teeth, and is generally a dental-superhero. His office is modern and calm, they have blankets and a tv above your head with netflix if you wish to remain distracted. His office only accommodates one patient at a time so he isn't running around helping others while your mouth is ajar. Your comfort, knowledge, and teeth are his first priority. He's the first Dentist ever who's mentioned the fact my teeth grinding could possibly be solved (not just using a mouth guard), and he cares about your overall health as well (not just a one stop shop for whatever has driven you to the dentist). I had phone calls with 5 different dentists before choosing him (focusing on best schools UCLA, USC, and Michigan), he went to USC. He has all the latest equipment (& can do same day crowns), and he really knows his stuff. Plus he guarantees his work. It's not the cheapest place but if you need good work, something that lasts, pain free, and a compassionate skilled dentist then you've found the right place. **Shout out to the amazing dental hygienist and front desk lady, they're spectacular too." - Elizabeth P.

"I saw Dr. Vic a few years ago when I was living in West Hollywood! I was just now going through my myriad reviews, and I no longer see the review I left for him. I think I deleted the wrong one a long time ago, but my review was extremely detailed, which is very appropriate, as so is Dr. Vic! I forget all the specifics, so I will be brief this time. Dr. Vic spent so much time with me, going tooth by tooth and pointing out if there were any potential issues with each one. That's a dream for somebody like me who is a bit OCD about my teeth now (after dealing with past issues and other traumatizing events that took place in the dentist's chair). And that is so appreciated because I feel like other dentists don't want to do anything until I get a cavity that is freakin' huge. Ugh! And I never got the feeling that they double book. It wasn't "Hi! Bye!" (as I am still dripping from the mouth and an assistant has to figure out what to do next)... no, quite the contrary! He takes pride in his work, and was very excited to show me all his modern gadgets. He was certainly on top of his game! A cool person to talk to as well, not to mention very funny! His dry wit had me laughing quite a bit. Thanks again, Dr. Vic!" - Matthew M.

"This is hands down the best Dentist experience I have ever had. Maria at the front desk is extremely friendly , helpful and knowledgeable about insurance.Rebecca is very friendly,professional and gentle when she has give you a deep cleaning.The Doctor is great tells you how to approve on your cleaning routine and does not try to sell you on things you don't need. The whole experience is great!!!Best views of the hills, comfortable environment,massage chair to help you relax and you get watch Netflix while your in the chair.You feel like you on vacation and not at the dentist office.I highly recommended them!!!" - Jamie G.

"Love doctor V and all the staff. Always took great care of me with a friendly smile. Also love how he presented cosmetic options without any pressure. Unfortunately no longer covered by my insurance but great doctor - highly recommend." - Ben C.

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