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When it comes to choosing a dentist for cosmetic purposes, it is wise to select a professional who has not only rigorous training and expertise, but also an artist’s eye for aesthetic beauty, balance and harmony. As one such artist, Dr. Victor is able to magnify your visual assets, enhancing your best features while creating the smile of a lifetime.

What is Dr. Victor's background?

After graduating from the University of Southern California, among the most elite institutions in the world, Dr. Victor went on to augment his education with additional postgraduate courses in specialized areas of interest, including cosmetic dentistry, surgical procedures, restorative treatments and root canal therapy.

Since then, he has created a practice that provides unrivaled cutting edge services to the Los Angeles community and beyond, a sanctuary for high-end, individualized results along with supreme comfort, convenience and relaxation.

Hands in gloves holding Veneers.

I visited Sunset Dental Studio recently after reading their reviews and wanted to add mine to help others. This office is by far the best experience I have ever had at a dental office (doesn't even feel like you're at the dentist). From the moment you walk in and the office manager greets you at the front desk to the X-rays and cleaning. Dr. Victor is beyond amazing. He is so honest, chair side manners are the best and his work is not only painless but with top of the line technology you know you're getting top of the line work. Never been to a dentist that works under a microscope! Thank you to the entire team for such an amazing experience.

Aud-Scar M.

What is Dr. Victor's approach to the dental environment?

Dr. Victor understands that first and foremost, patients need to feel at ease. His practice environment is not only warm and inviting, it is also fortified with dozens of amenities that make a visit to the office pleasurable and even “fun”.

Beginning with a chic, modern décor, stunning views, climate-controlled treatment rooms and a compassionate, dedicated staff, Dr. Victor goes above and beyond by providing spa-like massage chairs and access to Netflix, small details that make a world of difference when it comes to patient relaxation.

Dr. Victor wants his patients to regard his luxury Beverly Hills practice as a second home, and it shows throughout every phase of the appointment process.

What is Dr. Victor's approach to veneers?

In-depth consultation

Another important component of Dr. Victor's approach is active listening. He hones in on the client’s wishes, listening intently as they discuss what troubles them about their appearance, and what causes embarrassment, distress and frustration. Cosmetic dentistry can be emotionally empowering for many patients who have felt negatively about their smiles and who have diminished social lives dues to aesthetically displeasing teeth. Together with the patient, Dr. Victor is able to devise a comprehensive plan for cosmetic improvement, one that takes into account not only anatomy, but lifestyle and comfort levels as well.

Cutting edge technology

Dr. Victor is passionate about staying abreast of recent advances in cosmetic science, and he frequently attends trade shows, conferences, seminars and networking events in order to capture the pulse of modern dentistry.

He provides world-class technology, including diagnostic and 3D visual imaging equipment that allows clients to see their results ahead of time. This facilitates excellent outcomes due to increased communication between dentist and patient regarding expectations and aesthetic sensibilities.

High-end materials

All of Dr. Victor's veneers are made at the elite Beverly Hills Dental Laboratory, a futuristic facility that meticulously crafts restorations customized to the client. Porcelain veneers are hand-sculpted to perfection using strategic materials that blend seamlessly with the patient’s existing teeth. A luminous, radiant and youthful smile is thus undeniable.

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